Real Name

Dumas Poe

First Appearance

Clue Comics #10 (October 1946)

Original Publisher


Created by


Golden Age Origin

Dumas Poe was a descendant of Kattak Po, a Tibetan monk who supposedly invented firearms. Feeling remorseful over all the death guns caused, Kattak made it his life's mission to stop their spread and prevent gun-inflicted deaths. His descendants followed in his footsteps. They became known as Gunmasters because of their knowledge of firearms and their ability to use them with nearly superhuman accuracy.

As the latest Gunmaster, Dumas Poe relied on the skills honed by his predecessors to stop crimes and fight for justice on behalf of the victims of gun violence. He was assisted by the Circle of Elders, the spirits of previous Gunmasters who appeared in his room whenever he asked for their aid.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Clue Comics #10-15
  • Real Clue Crime Stories #v2#5-6


Jack Kirby and Joe Simon worked together on Gunmaster for the last three issues of Clue Comics.

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