Gregory Gayle - 02 - Gunmaster

Real Name

Gregory Gayle

First Appearance

Young King Cole V1 #1 (1945)

Original Publisher


Created by

Wayne Boring

Golden Age Origin

Gregory Gayle was a highly skilled American police detective with several decades of experience. He started out as a supporting character in his daughter's feature, but he got his own feature in Guns Against Gangsters. He was fairly protective of his daughter. He didn't want her to follow his footsteps because it would put her in danger. When she did decide to keep solving crimes, he insisted that she be accompanied by a bodyguard.

Gregory earned the nickname "Gunmaster" because of his expertise and proficiency in firearms. But while was quite proud of his knowledge and skills, he was vehement in ensuring that guns don't fall into the hands of people that would use them to do harm.

Gunmaster novelty

Gunmaster on the cover of Guns Against Gangsters #5

Golden Age Appearances

  • Young King Cole V1 #1
  • Guns Against Gangsters #1-7
  • Popular Teen-Agers #5 (as "Mr. Gay")