Gzink Bfnxpp

Real Name

Gzink Bfnxpp

First Appearance

Weird Tales of the Future #3 (Sept 1952)

Original Publisher

Key Publications

Created by

Basil Wolverton


Martian Gzink Bfnxpp, who resides at Hunk B-Chunk 3 on Mars, finds himself fleeing unwanted attention from a Martian female. Attributing the attention to his inescapable good looks, Gzink sends a telepathic signal to Jumpin' Jupiter.

Jupiter responds, attempting to fix the issue by sending Gzink through a Martian "Face Dropping' machine. The machine's operator is missing, so Gzink impatiently places his head into the machine's port despite Jupiter's admonitions.

Gzink is sucked inside, emerging in a state with limbs rearranged and all akimbo. The woman catches up to Gzink and Jupiter. She instantly recognizes Gzink despite his appearance, as she responds to his scent. He gives up, preparing to marry the woman.

The woman says she only wanted Gzink to sign her petition to ban burping on Mars. She expresses she desires to marry Jumpin' Jupiter, who takes the notion as a cue to jump away into space and escape the fate of holey matrimony.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Weird Tales of the Future #3

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