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Real Name

Col. von Tundra (also a Baron)

First Appearance

Air Fighters Comics vol. 1 #2 (November, 1942)

Original Publisher


Created by

Harry Stein & Mort Leav

Golden Age Origin

Half-Man was a ruthless Nazi cyborg, who's left side was completely replaced by steel robotic parts, after he was shot down in a dogfight by the hero Skywolf. He reported directly to Adolf Hitler and he was utterly devoted to the Nazi cause, the vicory of the Luftwaffe and his own burning hatred for Skywolf. At one point, he was abducted by the Heap, who took a shine to him, because of the fact that he spoke German (though the beast had clearly lost the ability to understand his actual words). Von Tundra managed to escape both death and capture on several occassions, but ultimately he was brought to justice by Skywolf.

Von Tundra was a ruthless commander and a skilled fighter pilot. His steel fingers could easily break a man's neck, and he usually carried a sidearm.

Golden Age Appearances

Air Fighters Comics vol. 1 #2-3, 8; vol. 2 #4


Not to be confused with the similar Nazi villain of the same name who plagued Ibis the Invincible in Whiz Comics #21-24. While this character's injuries were not inconsistent with von Tundra's, this character was supposed to be injured by a shell on the ground, he did not have cybernetic parts, and was ultimately healed by Ibis, when he reformed his ways.

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