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Hangman 8

Real Name

Bob Dickering

First Appearance

Pep Comics #17 (July, 1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Cliff Campbell and George Storm

Golden Age Origin Edit

Bob Dickering had a brother named John who was the superhero, Comet. However, when Bob's brother was shot whilst trying to save Bob from "Big Boy" Malone's gang, he became the hero Hangman to avenge his brother's death. He also went on to date his brother's ex-girlfriend, Thelma Gordon.

His enemies included the Bullfrog, the Jackal, Captain Swastika, the Crusader, the Executioner, the Hunter, the Missionary, the Clockmaker, Mother Goose, the Snail, the Ferret and the Walrus.

Golden Age Appearances Edit

  • Pep Comics #17-47
  • Special Comics #1
  • Hangman Comics #2-8
  • Black Hood Comics #9-10

Notes Edit

  • The Golden Age Hangman is public domain, but any subsequent versions used by DC and Archie comics are NOT.
  • Based on a review of First copyright renewals for periodicals, "Pep Comics: issues renewed from March 1949 (v. 1 no. 72); see 1977 Jan-Jun", which would indicate that #17-47 were not copyright renewed.

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