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Hans Staden
Hans Staden

Real Name

Hans Staden






Hans Staden (c. 1525 – c. 1579) was a German soldier and mariner who voyaged to South America. On one voyage, he was captured by the "Tupinamba" people of Brazil, who, he claimed, practised cannibalism; he survived and wrote a widely-read book describing his experiences.

Staden, sailed to Brazil in 1547, and in 1549 made ​​a second trip, arriving in San Vicente, one of the two existing captaincies in that colony. He was recruited as a gunner always. He was defending the Fort San Felipe when he was captured Tupinambá. He lived with the Indians for nine months and a half, and then the French ship "Catherine of Vetteville" took him back to Germany.

Public Domain Literary Appearances

  • Warhaftige Historia und beschreibung eyner Landtschafft der Wilden Nacketen, Grimmigen Menschfresser-Leuthen in der Newenwelt America gelegen (True Story and Description of a Country of Wild, Naked, Grim, Man-eating People in the New World, America)

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