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The Harpy

Real Name

Belle Martin

First Appearance

Tim Holt #30 (June-July, 1952)

Original Publisher

Magazine Enterprises

Created by

Dick Ayers

Origin Edit

Belle's father, Will Martin, was killed by his workers, over a gold mine he discovered near the small town of El Dorado. 15 years later, with the help of Eli Welles, she sought to gain revenge on the killers and reclaim the gold mine. However, she was brought to justice by the Ghost Rider.

As the Harpy, Belle wore metal claws with which she could kill. She also wore a pair of wings that helped her to glide and she rigged up wires at the scene of her attacks, in order to appear as if she were flying. As a former circus aerialist, she was extremely strong and agile, capable of taking on men with savage strength. She also used poison needles to kill.

Golden Age Appearances Edit

Tim Holt #30

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