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Hate Trick

Real Name


First Appearance

November 18, 2011

Created by

Vito Delsante


Hate Trick is a former NHL prospect who lit up the minor leagues. On the eve of Draft Day, the athlete who would become Hate Trick was chosen last. His rejection totally unhinged him and turned, to a life of crime. He hooked up with Miss All-Star, and has two henchmen of his own (Cross Check and High Stick).

And yes. He's from Canada.


  • Hate Trick is an open source character created specifically for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish however, you must give the creator, Vito Delsante, credit.
  • In 2011, comic book writer Vito Delsante chose to create 35 new characters,23 of which, he voluntarily released into the public domain in early 2014. Hate Trick was #17.

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