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Real Name

Sampson Hercules Muckles, aka "Sam"

First Appearance

Tally-Ho Comics (December, 1944)

Original Publisher

Baily Publishing Company

Created by

Frank Frazetta & John Giunta

Golden Age Origin

Sam was just a 25 year old boy living in Snood, North Dakota, when he recieved a letter from his grandmother Suzy "La Suzanne" Muckles, a retired lion tamer. She told him that he came from a long line of strong men performers, including his uncles, Louie, Edgar and Herman. She wanted him to take over the family business, "He-Man, Inc," which was a school for physical and moral development. When two gangsters, "Homicide" Homer and "Bad Boy" Sluggs threatened his granny with guns, he took them out with ease.

He-Man was said to have so many muscles, the only bone he had was in his head. He was strong enough to pick up a house. However, he was not well educated, and had a fear of touching anything made of metal, though he had a talisman to put his mind at ease about it.

Golden Age Appearances

Tally-Ho Comics

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