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Helix of Centras
Helix of Centras small

Real Name

Helix Kheros

First Appearance

DeviantArt (2016)

Created by

Robert Blezard


Helix Kheros is a third-generation Impavid Hero of the Kheros Family whose powers have been passed down from grandfather to father to son. (This process is done through a familial relic known as a Paragon-Icon.) He is a primary character of the Dimension of Centras setting.

Originating from the solar realm known as Zhaunal, Helix's home world is the sixth planet of the system, which is known as Anuthra. He was born and raised in the city known as Utria, The Shimmering City. He was born in the Year of Gathering Light (circa 1913, on Earth).

Helix was raised from an early age to become a Protector in the service of the Worlds' Elders, as his parents were before him. His father, Tiberion Kheros, retired as Protector in Helix's 35th year (*), and passed the paragon-icon to Helix. His mother, Ceriva Hec-Kheros, continued her role as a Protector until her death in the Year of the Dark Swarm on the Zhaunal calendar (circa 1954).

Helix continued to serve the Worlds' Elders and battled such arch-villains as Hellion (from the Hell Realm) and the Alpha Titans (from Earth Alpha). He fought alongside his sister, Argent Kheros, who inherited their mother's paragon-icon, as well as the alien hero known as Shadowstar. He also befriended and traveled with the oddball man known as The High Hunter.

In Helix's 47th year (circa 1960), he met a group of dimensional travelers (the Evernauts) who had somehow managed to get trapped in Dimension of the Void. At first, he thought they were invaders from Earth Alpha, but after a pitched battle where they fought alongside the Anuthrans against the tyrants of Vreggos, he accepted them as allies and friends.

This bond of friendship became great affection for the unassuming lady who would become known throughout Centras as Lady Jenna. This bond was strengthened after Argent's death at the hand of Hellion. Before she died, Argent Kheros passed her Paragon-Icon to Lady Jenna, forever binding her to House Kheros.

(*) NOTE: Denizens of the Dimension of Centras live longer than humans do and Zhaunals, in particular, tend to live longer than most. 35 years of age in the Realm of Zhaunal would be considered to be equivalent to 21 years of age on Earth.

Known Powers

Helix has three key powers while in the Dimension of Centras.

  • Density
  • Flight
  • Herculean Strength

Dimension of Centras

Centras is a dimensional reality that exists beyond our own. It consists of several unique solar systems but isn't a true galaxy. Helix Kheros originates from the realm of Zhaunal in the heart of Centras. (Zhaunal is sometimes referred to as Centras as well.) The dimension is considered to be a neo-Silver Age setting with many strange facets. There are not only powered heroes and villains but also aliens (including exodimensional beings), magic, mutations, super science, and time travel.

There are five main realms in the dimension that each have a system of planets. Zhaunal [earth, water] is the core realm of the setting. The other four realms in order of importance are as follows: Rhippex [air, fire], Amathai [fire], Iianium [air], and Eobbeodalar [earth].

There are nine minor realms that exist as well. Of the nine, there are only two with set names — the Hell Realm [earth, fire] and Kraessiadolon [water]. (The other seven have been left unnamed for others to develop.)

The denizens of Centras are aware of several other dimensions and/or realities. The most important of these are listed below:

  • Dimension of Eternallus
  • Dimension of the Void
  • Earth (the world as it existed in 1968)
  • Earth Alpha (late Twentieth Century with superheros)
  • Earth Beta (1930s Earth Níor Horror)
  • White Limbo

Rogues Gallery


Helix of Centras is designed to be an "Open-Source Character" for use by anyone. This includes the Dimension of Centras and the names of relatives, allies, and enemies. The only condition upon using the character is this paragraph must be included in any appearance(s):

"The character of Helix of Centras and the setting of the Dimension of Centras are available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Helix of Centras or the Dimension of Centras, in order that others may use these properties as they wish. All rights reversed."

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