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Hellion widescreen
Hellion the Master Demon

Real Name


First Appearance

Open Source Characters Facebook Group (June 2016)

Created by

Robert Blezard

Hellion is the ruler of the Hell Realm. He is known as the Master Demon and the Unyielding Evil of the Fiery Pit. He is a powerful arch-villain with many enemies.


Hellion took over as the supreme ruler of the Hell Realm after the Archdevil was defeated by the ancestors of the Paragons of Centras at the end of the Paragonian War. He is truly monstrous in form and mind and his mere presence in Centras in the past caused widespread panic.

In the hierarchy of the Hell Realm, he would normally have been little more than a monstrous foot soldier if not for his intelligence. It was this edge that allowed him to rise through the ranks to become a powerful commander in the Archdevil's hordes. When the Archdevil fell, Hellion was quick to kill his rivals and seize power.

While the Master Demon of the Hell Realm can be subtle, he'd rather conquer Centras by force. It is in his nature to seek blood and death, and he is personally responsible for the deaths of no less than twenty-five powered heroes and villains with Argent Kheros being the most recent victim of his rage. Three of his other victims previously all held the title of Captain Centras, including the alien hero, Uffoh, who held the title before Thrur Vilach.

He stole extra power in the form of a Paragon-Icon that once belonged to powered hero (who was known as the Secret Shadow) who betrayed his family in Centras and joined Hellion's ranks. Of course, demon eventually betrayed Secret Shadow, had him killed, and claimed the Paragon-Icon for himself.

Of the nineteen other heroes Hellion's killed, six more of them had Paragon-Icons that have now fallen into his hands. Hellion has been unable to bond with these other Paragon-Icons, as even he cannot break the bonding rituals that govern the crafting of Paragon-Icons. Hellion has passed only one onto a trusted ally, Gárgula (leader of the Chosen Few of Hellion), while the others are hidden away in the Hell Realm — protected by hundreds of relentless demons.Hellion is constantly plotting against multiple targets, and he often plays one against the other. His most hated foes are Captain Centras, Changeling, Helix Kheros, the Igigium Society, Lady Jenna, Master Simian, and the Worlds' Elders There is no one he loves, and it is unlikely that he could be seduced by anyone less powerful than himself.


Hellion is an immortal demon of incredible power and nearly limitless magical abilities — while in the Hell Realm. When invading Centras or another dimension, his powers are more limited. More often, he influences Centras and other dimensions through his minions using guile, threats, and/or promises of power.

Hellion projects an 500-foot energy field in front of him in a 270 degree arc that can cause non-powered heroes to panic and run in fear from him. This powerful black nimbus subdues all non-fire abilities and snuffs out all natural light sources.

The Paragon-Icon that Hellion took from Secret Shadow has enhanced the Master Demon's strength, intellect, and willpower. It makes him completely invulnerable while in the Hell Realm, but its protections are limited elsewhere, especially in Centras. It also gave Hellion the Secret Shadow's abilities to become living shadow and to hear the thoughts of those who are within 250 feet.

Hellion can shape-shift, through magic, into almost any living form; however, the one physical detail Hellion can't hide is the tattoo on his left arm. It is a legacy of his bond with the corrupted Paragon-Icon he took from the Secret Shadow.The full extent of the powers the corrupted Paragon-Icon has given Hellion is unknown. He used a previously unknown power to kill Argent Kheros. He projected a mental spear of infernal energy through a open portal to impale the woman. This energy construct dissipated after a slow, agonizing death.

Rogues Gallery

Hellion is opposed by almost any sane individual or group that wishes the Dimension of Centras to survive. The list below is for those that Hellion considers the biggest threats to his desire to conquer all the Reality Realms of Centras including dark rivals.

Hellion rarely opposes Doctor Chronos, as he considers the time-traveling magician an unwitting ally is his ongoing feud with the Master Simian. Hellion has used the vigilante hero Electric Arrow as pawn in his bid to kill the current Captain Centras, but he considers the man to be beneath his notice. Other heroes and villains he has used as pawns include but is not limited to the following: Almandine, the Alpha Titans, Beetlebile (villain), the Doppel-Gang (thieves), Lord Ursine, Mas Terr (villain), Mister Wicked (vigilante), and the Red Raptorians.


Hellion is designed to be an "Open-Source Character" for use by anyone. This includes the Dimension of Centras and the Hell Realm. The only condition upon using the character is this paragraph must be included in any appearance(s):

"The character of Hellion, and the setting of the Dimension of Centras are available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Hellion, the Hell Realm, or the Dimension of Centras, in order that others may use these properties as they wish. All rights reversed."

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