Real Name


First Appearance

Space Adventures #25 (Sept. 1958)

Original Publisher


Created by

Joe Gill, Steve Ditko


The Utopian civilization of Martians is quickly running out of water, and faces its doom. Mars Leader asks the eminent Martian scientist Clator if more water can be created through weather manipulation. Clator finds the matter impossible with their limited resources.

Mars Leader decides to take a last look at Mars with his assistants. He bemoans the disappearance of the lush forests and inhabitants as they fly along in their Mars Flyer.

Hendru suggests contacting Earth, who he thinks could assist the Martians. He says he's picked up signals from Earth utilizing radio technology. Mars Leader doesn't know how they could possibly communicate with Earth, and the have not yet attained the ability of space travel. Xunra is working on the matter of traversing the vast reaches of space.

Hendru suggests printing the English word "water" in the desert large enough for telescopes to see. He suggests using the vast stores of floss laying idle in their stores. With the canal building machines, the task can be accomplished in a short span of time.

Setting the plan in motion, they manage an enormous "W" large enough to be distinguishable on Earth with medium-powered telescopes. They receive a message stating Xunra has completed the spaceship. He says the Martians must leave at once due to the development of dangerous sandstorms on Mars.

The "W" signal was seen by astronomers for a few days before it disappeared.

The remaining Martians, a mere hundred, leave Mars forever. Their stores for the trip will last 10 years, the amount of time for the journey. The Martians began the trip in 1954, the anticipated arrival date of the Martian Ark is 1964.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Adventures #25

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