Herbie Popnecker

Real Name

Herbie Popnecker

First Appearance

Forbidden Worlds #73 (1958)

Original Publisher

ACG (American Comics Group)

Created by

Richard E. Hughes and Ogden Whitney

Silver Age Origin

Herbie Popnecker was the antithesis of superheroes. He was short, fat, emotionless, terse, and young, but he was at the same time one of the most powerful and well-known beings in the universe, irresistible to women, consulted by world leaders, and stronger than the Devil. He derived some of his powers from genetics and some from magical lollipops from the Unknown. Herbie's powers included heat vision, invisibility, talking to animals, flight, and numerous other abilities. His parents were completely unaware of his great powers and fame. His father, Pincus Popnecker, would constantly call him a "little fat nothing" even though he, himself, was a financial failure with one poorly-conceived scheme after another, but Herbie would bail him out every time and his dad would take the credit for being a business genius.

Silver Age Appearances

  • Forbidden Worlds #73,94,110,114,116
  • Unknown Worlds #20
  • Herbie #1-23


  • Herbie is Alan Moore's favorite superhero.
  • Roger Broughton currently claims the rights to Herbie's copyrighted adventures and claims to have re-established the trademark.

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