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The High Hunter
The High Hunter

Real Name


First Appearance

Open Source Characters Facebook Group (June 2016)

Created by

Robert Blezard


The High Hunter wasn't born in the Dimension of Centras, and even he's not sure where he comes from (and he doesn't really care). Most believe that he was pulled into Centras by an extra-dimensional storm.

While it isn't known where The High Hunter comes from, many in Centras believe he comes from either Earth Alpha or Earth Beta. (The truth is that he comes from our Earth during the time of the First World War. However, his secret origin is also tied to Earth Beta and its horrific history.)

Some see The High Hunter as a dangerous invader, especially among the hierarchy of the Igigium Society of the Dimension of Eternallus. Their Eternal Seers say "He should not be." There have been times that the Society has worked to remove The High Hunter from existence, yet somehow he always manages to survive.

While The High Hunter's real name is unknown, Helix Kheros calls him Vittor. The Odd Man considers Helix to be a good friend and a good man. He is also close with the alien hero Shadowstar. He has a maddening kinship with the temporal magician Doctor Chronos.

The High Hunter's mannerisms are strange to behold, and he has many unusual taboos that make it hard for him to find solace in Centras. He is most as home in the Dimension of the Void with its unusual life forms and quirky societies.


The High Hunter is a highly skilled tracker and woodsman and is a crack shot with both bows and firearms. While in Centras, Vittor's strength is twice what is normal for a standard human. He also has an uncanny gift for finding hidden or lost objects. These insights often appear to him in dreams, which are sometime disturbing.

The High Hunter also has a strange connection to all things 'strange and warped'. Helix has observed as Vittor has tamed unnatural, tentacled beasts as if they were roan steeds. He has an ability that allows him to sense when portals open from alien realities. If the portal was opened by someone or something, he has a distorted vision of that being entering Centras.

Rogues Gallery

While The High Hunter spends a lot of time frustrating the Igigium Society, he doesn't consider them to be his enemies. In fact, he doesn't like the idea of having enemies but there a few weird rogues that work against him. Of these villains, the irregular sentient known as Out of Frame is the closest he has to a true nemesis.


The High Hunter is designed to be an "Open-Source Character" for use by anyone. This includes the Dimension of Centras setting and/or the noir horror setting of Earth Beta. The only condition upon using the character is this paragraph must be included in any appearance(s):

"The character of The High Hunter is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving The High Hunter, Earth Beta, or the Dimension of Centras, in order that others may use these properties as they wish. All rights reversed."

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