Sir Hokus of Pokes
Sir Hokus

Real Name


First Appearance

The Royal Book Oz (1921)

Original Publisher


Created by

Ruth Plumly Thompson


Sir Hokus of Pokes is a character in the later Oz books by Ruth Plumly Thompson. He is first introduced in The Royal Book of Oz.

Sir Hokus is a valiant knight, always eager to fight dragons and giants. Yet, he also possesses a softer side, indicated by his "kind, timid face and melancholy blue eyes."

Sir Hokus is an elderly man upon his first appearance in the Oz story; he "dated back to king Arthur, in fact, and had been wished into the Land of Oz centuries before by an enemy sorcerer."

Sir Hokus was discovered in the kingdom of Pokes, where he had been snoring for several centuries. Pokes is a small kingdom by the road in Winkie Country, by the Winkie River.

After joining Dorothy on an adventure, Sir Hokus returns with her to live at the Palace in the Emerald City. He confronts a dragon in his next appearance.

Public Domain Appearances

  • The Royal Book of Oz
  • Kabumpo in Oz

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