The Hooded Horseman
Hooded Horseman

Real Name

Buddy Fraser

First Appearance

Blazing West #14 (December, 1950)

Original Publisher

The American Comics Group

Created by

Ogden Whitney & Richard E. Hughes?

Golden Age Origin

After his father, the sheriff of Mesa City, was killed while confronting outlaws, Bud decided to dedicate his life to fighting crime and injustice. Two years after his father died, after extensive training, Bud tracked down Slim Corrigan who had killed his father. He used miniature hangman's nooses as his trademark.

Bud carries his father's six shooters, and was an excellent shot. He was also an unequaled bronco busting rider and a tough fighter. He was accompanied by his fierce, 100 pound dog, Flash, who he raised from a pup.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Blazing West #14-20
  • The Hooded Horseman vol. 1 #21-27
  • The Hooded Horseman vol. 2 #18-22

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