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Hopping Squirrel

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Hopping Squirrel

Real Name

Hopping Squirrel

First Appearance

Lone Eagle #4 (Oct.-Nov. 1954)

Original Publisher


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Hopping Squirrel is the young nephew of Chief Lone Eagle (Farrell). Hopping Squirrel is entrusted with delivery of the new Winchester repeating rifle gifted to Lone Eagle by Major Anderson. On his way, he is captured by a group of hostile Blackfeet, and the rifle confiscated. The Blackfeet leader, Bloody Tomahawk, has him tortured to reveal Hopping Squirrel's purpose with the rifle. Hopping Squirrel is tied to a tree and shot with an arrow. He can't take the torture any longer, and dies after telling Bloody Tomahawk what he wants to know.

Public Domain Appearances

Lone Eagle #4, Apache Trail #4

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