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Horned Hood

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Horned Hood
Horned Hood

Real Name

Prof. Cadiz

First Appearance

Wow Comics #2 (Summer 1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Jack Binder

Origin Edit

Prof. Cadiz was supposedly a noted scholar who had given a lecture on the Maharajah jewel,on loan from India. However, he was secretly a gang ringleader who wore a devil costume and used a lead-cored thorny club out to steal the gem. He was stopped from stealing the jewel by Mr. Scarlet and later recruited to the Death Battalion. In addition to Horned Hood the team included The Brain, The Black Thorn, The Black Clown, The Laughing Skull, Dr. Death (2) and Ghost (Fawcett).

Golden Age Appearances Edit

  • America's Greatest Comics #1
  • Wow Comics #2

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