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Human Bomb

Real Name

Roy Lincoln

First Appearance

Police Comics #1 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Paul Gustavson

Golden Age Origin

Roy Lincoln was a chemist who was helping his father develop super explosive 27-QRX. However, enemy agents attacked the laboratory to steal the formula. Roy's father was killed and Roy was forced to swallow the super explosive liquid. He began to glow and discovered that 27-QRX rendered him bulletproof and gave him an ability to detonite objects with his touch. He made a suit out of "fibro-wax," which was immune to his explosion power. He wore this to fight crime as the Human Bomb.

From his second appearance onward, he wore fibro-wax gloves in his civilian identity to contain his power. To anyone who asked, he told that he burnt his hands in a lab accident. In his later adventures, he was assisted by Hustace Throckmorton a.k.a. Thunderfoot and (later still) by the Bombardiers.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Police Comics #1-58


When DC acquired and revived characters from Quality comics, the Human Bomb was included on a team called the Freedom Fighters who consisted of Uncle Sam (Quality),Doll Man, Black Condor, Ray, and Phantom Lady. Also, only the original Human Bomb from the Golden Age is in the public domain not any subsequent versions from DC comics.

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