Golden Age Origin

The Hunchback

Real Name

Simon Backle

First Appearance

Triumph Comics #8 (June 1942)

Original Publisher

Commercial Signs of Canada/Bell Features

Created By

Ted Steele

The Hunchback (also referred to as "The Hunchback of Pine Lake") was once Simon Backle, an expert motor boat race driver with a reputation for winning at any cost (even murder). One such case was the Pine Lake "Canadian Open Boat Race of 1929," where Backle intended to win the $50,000 prize by sabotaging the boat of the only driver capable of besting him: Joe Mason. During the race, Mason's boat burst into flames as Backle intended, but in an ironic twist of fate the flaming wreckage crashed into Backle's boat and horribly disfigured him.

13 years later, Backle returned to Pine Lake intent on seeking revenge against Mason's daughter Gloria (who had since inherited a sporting lodge resort in the area from her Father). He plotted to ruin Gloria both financially (by either terrorizing or killing any of her potential clients) and physically (by permanently disfiguring her beautiful face with acid).

However, thanks to the timely intervention of the White Mask, Backle was killed before his revenge could be completed.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Triumph Comics #8-10