Hunt Bowman

Real Name

Hunt Bowman

First Appearance

Planet Comics #21 (November, 1942)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Rudy Palais


When the armies of Volta attacked the already war strained world of Earth in the 33rd century, they nearly annihilated the entire human race. Hunt Bowman was one of the few human survivors, and believed himself to be the last man on Earth. He spent much of his life alone, and developed his bow hunting skills in order to feed himself. He eventually met Lyssa, queen of a tribe of human survivors, who was held captive by Voltans. After Hunt rescued her, he and Lyssa joined forces to lead the Earth's human resistance against the Voltan invaders.

Hunt was an extremely skilled hunter and tracker, who had refined his archery skills to an art. He actually seemed to prefer a bow to a gun. He also carried a knife and was deadly, even with his bare fists. He demonstrated some tactical cunning.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Planet Comics #21-68, 70

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