Hurricane Nell

Real Name

Nellie Allen

First Appearance

"Hurricane Nell, the Girl Dead-Shot; or The Queen of the Saddle and Lasso" (in Ten Cent Pocket Library No. 1, May 4, 1877)

Original Publisher

Frank Starr and Co.

Created by

Edward Lytton Wheeler


One summer, Bob Woolf and his men came after Bill Allen with the intention of killing him in his home in Kansas. Bill and his wife died of smallpox before this happened, but Woolf set fire to their house and property unaware that the pair was already dead. Their young daughter, Nellie, escaped from the blaze, but swore to get her revenge on Woolf. She disappeared into the wilderness for five years, where she learned to survive on her own. She became a scout and left a trail of dead outlaws in her wake.

Nellie had brown hair, alluring hazel eyes and was considered very attractive. She wore a tight, form fitting buckskin suit, with fringe and Indian beads on it. She carried a rifle, two pistols on her hip and a lasso on her belt. She was more articulate than most of the men around her, she was considered to have saint-like morals, and she considered her word more precious than anything she could ever own. She was also daring and highly skilled, capable of doing anything as well as a man. She was an exceptional rider and roper and she was a crack shot with any kind of firearm.

"Her whole life is dedicated to the one terrible object, revenge. She roams through the wilderness in various disguises, and every few weeks some one finds a dead outlaw, wi’ her death mark upon him."

"She comes and goes at will. No one dares to cross her path. She is a modest and pleasant companion, to those she fancies, but to her enemies she is an actual terror. Why, sir, once I seen her shoot a feller, in yonder, just for forcibly kissin’ an Indian girl, ‘ginst her will."

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