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Real Name

"Stinky" Printwhistle

First Appearance

Captain Marvel Adventures #8 (1942)

Original Publisher

Fawcett Publications

Created by

Otto Binder and C.C. Beck

Golden Age Origin

"Stinky" Printwhistle planned to blow up a bridge and then loot the oncoming train. The plot was foiled by Captain Marvel, who threw "Stinky" off the bridge. In a deal with Lucifer, Printwhistle sells his soul for the power of the most evil men in history. He fights Captain Marvel on several occaisons; the first of which, he was defeated by Captain Marvel knocking the evil spirits out of him. Ibac was also a member of Mister Mind's Monster Society of Evil.

Powers and Abilities

Upon saying "Ibac!", Printwhistle is transformed by green fire into Ibac - possessing from the evil spirits:

  • Ivan the Terrible - Terror
  • Cesare Borgia - Cunning
  • Attila the Hun - Fierceness
  • Caligula - Cruelty

In addition, Ibac also has superhuman strength and stamina. Saying "Ibac" again, will transform him back into Printwhistle (as a result, prevents him from saying his own name without losing his power).


"Stinky" and Billy transform into their alter-egos

Public Domain Golden Age Appearances

  • Captain Marvel Adventures #8-9, 22-23
  • America's Greatest Comics #5


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