Real Name

Rufino Le Mair

First Appearance

Four Favorites #7 (October 1942)

Original Publisher


Created by


Golden Age Origin

Rufino Le Mair and his brother perfected a quick freezing refrigerating process in France, but then the Nazis invaded. While his brother escaped to America, Rufino joined the Nazis and used his quick freezing tech to become the Icicle. The Icicle had no powers, but could use quick-freezing gas that he let out from a tube connected to his wrist to kill with a touch. He then went to America to stop his brother from building a frozen food plant to aid in the war effort. However, Unknown Soldier accidentally kills him when the tube that releases his quick freezing gas is crushed while fighting and freezes Rufino solid.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Four Favorites #7

See Also

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