Lady Illyria, The Queen of Spies

Real Name


First Appearance

Master Comics #12 (March, 1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Charles Sultan


Illyria was a high ranking spy for her unspecified nation, which was hostile to the United States. Her mission was to thwart the Americans and steal their secrets. She reported to a mysterious man named The Green Hood, until the Hood tried to have her whipped for her failure to destroy the hero Minute-Man, who thwarted her schemes on a regular basis. Minute Man eventually captured her, but she has escaped prison at least once before.

Illyria considered herself a patriot, and had a certain sense of honor. She was considered deadly, but she generally did not kill any more than was necessary to accomplish her goals. She was very clever and used her good looks to her advantage, often feigning weakness to get her opponents to drop their guard. She was a master of disguise and was an expert knife thrower. In addition to knives, she usually concealed a small gun on her person as well.


Illyria in her hood.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Master Comics #12-20
  • Minute Man #1-2

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