Irish Hymie Schultz

Real Name

Irish Hymie Schultz

First Appearance

Charlton Premiere No. 3 (1967)

Original Publisher

Charlton Press, Inc.

Created by

Grass Green & Henry Scarpelli


Irish Hymie Schultz is the boss of the Dosa Mosa mob. The Dosa Mosa mob includes a mobster called Rocky and another called Muscles.

When Sinistro, Boy Fiend wants to work for the Dosa Mosa mob, and agrees to Irish's instructions to, "Keep 'em offa our backs! Give us time ta git away wid the loot!"

Sinistro manages this task while the gang uses a "man-made fog" to pull of looting the National Treasury. When Irish shortchanges the Boy Fiend to a ludicrous degree, the Boy Fiend trips a fire alarm, resulting in the capture of the gang.


Irish Hymie Schultz is a criminal mastermind.

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