The Iron Emperor

Real Name

Iron Emperor

First Appearance

Blackhawk #42 (July, 1951)

Original Publisher

Quality Comics

Created by

Reed Crandall

Golden Age Origin

The Iron Emperor was a robot, standing around 15-20 feet tall, which was built by Dr. Nerda to conquer the small Kingdom of Voslia.

As the royal physician, Nerda presumably hastened the death of the Emperor of Voslia, who wished to bestow democracy upon his people. The Iron Emperor succeeded in conquering the kingdom, but was eventually destroyed by the Emperor's old friends, the Blackhawks, using explosives.


The Iron Emperor was bulletproof and possessed superhuman strength. It carried a spiked club and it could easily best all of the Blackhawks at the same time in hand to hand combat. It was apparently remote controlled, but its radio signal could be changed, to prevent it from being jammed. The Iron Emperor released the worst villains in the dungeons of Voslia, and they served as the Emperor's guards and henchmen.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Blackhawk #42, 61

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