Iron Lady
Iron lady

Real Name

Doris Parker

First Appearance

Airboy vol. 4 #1 (February 1947)

Original Publisher


Created by

Dan Zolnerowich Dan

Golden Age Origin

Doris Parker wears pair of gloves that grant her super strength. These gloves were built by a watchmaker who gave them to an executioner. The gloves then were later bought by a rich collector, but he was killed. This collector's true identity was Walter Parker, Doris' father. Doris inherits the gloves and decides to fight crime as the Iron Lady to avenge her father's death. She hides her gloves in a white fur muff and is sometimes called "the Muff" because of this.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Airboy V4 #1
  • Clue Comics v2 #1, #3
  • Real Clue Crime Stories v2 #7

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