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Iron Marksman
Iron Marksmen V3-4
Iron Marksman V-3-4

Real Name

Talon Zedekiel

First Appearance

Open Source Characters Facebook Group (June 2016)

Created by

Robert Blezard


The man named Talon Zedekiel fights villains using the codename Iron Marksman. He fights under the banner of the Rhippexinus conglomerate known as Fluxtechnologies. While his identity is known throughout the Reality Realm of Rhippex and much of the Dimension of Centras, he is rarely seen in the flesh anymore. Talon's body is 30% cybernetic, and he is emotionally uncomfortable when not in one of the Iron Marksman armors.

There have been four major versions of the Iron Marksman armors, the V1, the V2-7, the V3-4, and the HIM1-3. The V1 was less of a powered armor-suit than an enhanced body-armor design with an energy pack. It wasn't until the V2-7 that the Iron Marksman armor became an advanced powered armor although it still required the external pack. The V2-7 is considered the iconic version of the Iron Marksman. It was in this armor that Talon became known as a hero.

The next few versions of the suit were variations on this design until the V3-1 armor. The design turned out to be unstable and while Talon was test piloting the suit, it suffered a deadly power cascade, erupted in flames, and crashed in a twisted wreck.

Talon survived, but he was hurt badly. Roughly one-fourth of his body was destroyed in the crash. Even though Fluxtechnologies paid to have him healed and enhanced with bio-engineering and cybernetics, he initially refused to test the next few armor designs. However, when a young admirer of his named Argos died piloting the V3-3 armor, Talon agreed to step back in for the next version.

The V3-4 is the first version of the armor that no longer required the external energy pack used by all the previous versions. The suit is designed specifically for Talon. The right leg is 90% mechanical and its components can be replaced with a variety of design options. The suit's right arm is also completely mechanical below the elbow, and Talon has the option to replace the standard mechanical hand with a powerful F.L.U.X. Cannon (serial # FL235IM901).

Iron Marksman HIM1-3

Iron Marksman HIM1-3

The advanced HIM1-3 is a heavy, biotechnology exosuit that Talon uses when facing off against his toughest enemies, especially against demons from the Hell Realm. (It's official codename is “Demonslayer.”) The suit is semi-sentient in its own right, and it can act in concert with Talon while he is piloting the V3-4. Other pilots can use the HIM1-3 but cannot take advantage of all its enhancements that link up with Talon's cybernetics.

Talon is the ultimate company man despite the many setbacks he's suffered in his career, yet he has very little true political power as part of Fluxtechnologies business hierarchy. However, he is considered an essential asset by the conglomerate's founder and COO, Valentina Salvian. His company salary dwarfs even her own, which ensures his place as Iron Marksman. If he ever retires, he will be set for life.

Talon has three children named Bailee (oldest), Michaela, and Farron (youngest). His ex-wife, Michelyne Steros, is the non-powered hero known as Sepia Saber. Bailee has reached her majority in Rhippex society and is currently training to become a member of the Battalion League.

It is rumored that Talon and Valentina are working on a new type of armor that will allow Talon to live a more normal life.


While Talon is tech-savvy, he is not a genius. When presented with a new suit of armor to operate, he has a bit of a learning curve. Before the V3-1 crash, he wasn't the fittest person and relied on the armor's strength enhancements. Since the accident, he has worked hard to build the muscle strength of his remaining physical body, which is enhanced by his cybernetics and the Iron Marksman armors' specially designed interfaces. In the V3-4, he is twice as strong as a normal Rhippexinus male. His strength in the HIM1-3 is nearly four times normal.

Talon was an expert shot with any sort of ranged firearm long before he became the Iron Marksman. His knowledge of firearms, especially energy weapons, is almost fanatical. He can take apart, retrofit, and even reverse engineer advanced firearms with ease. He has designed several unique weapons for Fluxtechnologies, which are patented under his name.

Much of Talon's face and the right side of his head was burnt and deformed by the crash. While bio-engineering helped regrow much of what Talon lost, the end result doesn't completely match his facial features. His right eye is completely gone, and his left eye is a bio-engineered replacement. Regardless, his vision is enhanced while in the Iron Marksman armors, especially in the V3-4. However, outside of it or the HIM1-3, Talon has poor depth perception.

As a denizen of Rhippex, Talon was born with a natural affinity for fire and touch of quicksilver in his blood. His bloodline isn't as robust as other well-known Rhippexinus heroes, however, so he isn't considered a true Impavid.

Rogues Gallery

As Iron Marksman, Talon has many personal and professional enemies. He has come into conflict with such villains as Bronze Butcher and Crisscross. The enmity with the latter comes from the time when Thrur Vilach held the title of Captain Centras.

Talon has fought many battles against Master Simian as part of his allegiance to Fluxtechnologies. His duties have also made him a target of Apeixxi Media in the company's broadcasts. He's also foiled corporate espionage engaged by RhinoCom.

However, his ultimate nemesis is the dangerous Scourge known as Razordog. Talon hates Razordog with a passion and he's been known to work with Electric Arrow against the villain much to the displeasure of the Elite Committee of Fluxtechnologies.


Iron Marksman is designed to be an "Open-Source Character" for use by anyone. This includes the Dimension of Centras heroic setting, Fluxtechnologies and the character's home realm of Rhippex. The only condition upon using the character is this paragraph must be included in any appearance(s):

"The character of Iron Marksman, Fluxtechnologies, the Reality Realm of Rhippex, and the setting of the Dimension of Centras are available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Iron Marksman, Fluxtechnologies, the Reality Realm of Rhippex, or the Dimension of Centras, in order that others may use these properties as they wish. All rights reversed."

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