Jason Croft

Real Name

Jason Croft

First Appearance

All-Story Magazine (July 13, 1918)

Original Publisher

Munsey Magazine

Created by

J.U. Giesy


Jason Croft was a fairly well-off student of the occult. He sensed his soul mate was out there, decided she was on a planet revolving around the Sirius, in a system of planets also known as the Dog Star pack. Deciding to use astral projection to travel to Sirius, he discovers a planet called Palos. Further, he discovers his spiritual twin lives there as he had previously sensed. Princess Naia, Jason Croft's aforementioned soul mate, is the daughter of Prince Lakkon, advisor to the King of Aphur. Having found her, Croft finds he cannot communicate or interact effectively in his ethereal, astral-projected form.

After some seeking, he discovers a suitable body of a young man named Jasor who is quickly falling into a deeply morose despair, which leads to his eventual demise. Moments after Jasor passes away, Jason Croft takes over the young form abandoned by Jasor to physically move about in the land of Aphur, where the main God worshiped is named Zitu. He begins to create a relationship with the Princess Naia by offering to build machines unknown in their culture for her father. Using astral travel, he returns to his earthly form to study on engine design. He then returns to design them on Palos, eventually building a type of automobile. He eventually gives up his Earthly body to inhabit the form of Jasor as a new life on Palos.

Powers and Abilities

Jason Croft's most remarkable power is astral projection. While doing so he can listen in on conversations undetected and 'scout' buildings or areas. He is well-read in many areas, and is quite an inventor, albeit based on the designs of Earthly constructs.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Palos of the Dog Star Pack (All-Story Magazine, July-August 1918)
  • The Mouthpiece of Zitu (All-Story Weekly, July-August 1919)
  • Jason, Son of Jason (Argosy All-Story, April-May 1921)


  • Jason Croft had black hair in his original form. After assuming the body of the blonde-haired Jasor, he has blonde hair.
  • Jason Croft was created by John Ulrich Giesy also noted for creating the occult detective Semi Dual.

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