Jeff Trent

Real Name

Jeff Trent

First Appearance

Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959)

Original Publisher

Valiant Pictures

Created by

Ed Wood


Jeff Trent was a steady, reliable airline pilot, who seemed to have cracked under the pressures of his job. In spite of an excellent record in the service, and a stable home with a loving wife, he suddenly appeared to have entered a fantasy world. During an investigation into gruesome, unexplained murders in his neighborhood, he began insisting that Flying Saucers were responsible. He claimed to have seen one during a routine flight to Albequerque but, that he was "muzzled by army brass" (how a ranking army officer could claim such authority over a civilian is unclear). He said that he, in the unlikely company of a local police detective and a fictitious "field officer in charge of saucer activities" fought off an invading force that used "electrodes" to resurrect a meager army of three corpses to conquer the world. The absurdity of this claim is only heightened by his insistence that the invaders wanted to prevent Earth scientists from discovering a "solaranite" (or "solarbonite," the pronunciation varies) bomb. He has been known to cry out "with this bomb, we'll be an even stronger nation!" Trent has resided in a padded cell ever since that fateful night.

Public domain movie appearance

Plan 9 from Outer Space, written and directed by Ed Wood, Valiant Pictures, 1959. In the public domain from failure to properly renew the copyright. (Internet Archive) (Wikimedia Commons)

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