Jester villain

Real Name

Robert Mason

First Appearance

Crack Comics #10 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Art Pinajian

Golden Age Origin

The Jester was a robber dressed in a medieval-aged clown suit. However, when Professor Mason was kidnapped by a Jester impersonator, this Jester decided to rescue him. Madame Fatal, also investigating the kidnapping, ended up saving the Jester's life.

After, in gratitude for helping to save Professor Mason, Madame Fatal allowed the Jester to go. Upon shaking hands, however, Fatal noticed the Jester had a tell-tale scar, identifying him as the professor's estranged son, Robert.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Crack Comics #10


  • Jester's costume was nearly identical to the costume worn by the (separate character) heroic Jester, debuting in Smash Comics several months later. There was no in-story explanation for this.

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