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Jinx Jordan
Jinx jordan

Real Name

Jinx Jordan

First Appearance

Crime Reporter #1 (August 1948)

Original Publisher

St. John

Created by

Charles Sultan

Golden Age Origin

Jinx Jordan was a crime reporter who was assisted by a newsboy named Larry. Jinx depended on his fists and wits rather than his telephone and typewriter to gather front page stories. Some of his cases included capturing the murderer of a stage beauty and avenging victims of gang violence. He also dealt with villains such as Count Morphine. He also had a rival reporter named Ginny who would try and beat him to a headline at every opportunity.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Crime Reporter #2-3
  • Authentic Police Cases #1-3,8
  • Northwest Mounties #2
  • Western Bandit Trails #2


  • Jinx Jordan was a re-printed and re-named Lucky Coyne stories from comics such as Dynamic Comics #1 and Red Seal Comics #17. Other Lucky Coyne stories were also re-named and re-colored as Kensington Slade and Rocky Stone.
  • Not to be confused with the Skull Squadron member of the same name.
  • This was also the name of Halle Berry's character in the Bond film, Die Another Day.

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