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Johnny Canuck

Real Name

Johnny Canuck

First Appearance

Dime Comics #1 (Feb. 1942)

Original Publisher

Commercial Signs of Canada/Bell Features

Created by

Leo Bachle


Johnny Canuck, a Captain in the Allied air forces, is Canada's answer to Nazi oppression, operating like a freelance agent. He is also referred to as "Canada's super hero."

Johnny Canuck was tall and strong but had no super powers. Instead, the fearless air-force captain had a strong right hook and freelanced as an agent for democracy.

He once met Adolf Hitler and almost single-handedly ended the war.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Dime Comics #1-28
  • Johnny Canuck Comics #1-2


  • In 1995, Canada Post issued a series of Canadian postage stamps celebrating Canada’s comic-book superheroes. Johnny Canuck is depicted as he appeared in the comic books, dressed in flight jacket, goggles, leather headgear and boots. Johnny Canuck is linked to a tradition of stalwart, honest, upstanding Canadian heroes.
  • An obituary for Johnny Canuck dated April 14, 1978 (published by St. Catharines Standard and done as though the character had been a real-life hero), stated he and Wing had been married in May, 1967.

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