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The Joker
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Real Name

Martin Quay

First Appearance

The Joker (in Detective Story Magazine, October, 1919)

Original Publisher

Street & Smith

Created by

Hugh Kahler


The Joker is a master thief who tells the police where he will strike before he does and leaves behind a Joker playing card at the scene of his crimes. He was actually a police detective, who tried to start up his own detective agency after he was let go. He met with little success until he became involved with tracking down "The Joker," a criminal who gained a lot of media attention. As the Joker, he would steal an item, and as detective Martin Quay, he would return it.

Pulp Appearances

  • Detective Story Magazine (October 1919)


  • Not to be confused with the DC Comics character of the same name who is obviously NOT public domain.

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