John Linton

Real Name

Jon Linton

First Appearance

Amazing Mystery Funnies v2 #11 (Nov 1939)

Original Publisher


Created by

Frank Thomas

Golden Age Origin

In the year 2000, Jon Linton was a scientist, adventurer, and pilot traveled to land of Quinton in the 5th Dimension where he fought Nogos, an evil species of aliens, as well as his mad scientist arch-enemy Satan Rex.

He was aided in his fight by Dr. Kane, his girlfriend Lisa Kane, and a native of Quinton named Alpha-712. Alpha-712, like other natives of the 5th Dimension, could "make from mental force anything they have seen or understand." Using this power Jon defeated the Nogos by providing ideas which Alpha made into reality such as ray-guns and cannons.

After beating the Nogos, Jon and his group traveled through time and space and arrive on Earth in the year 1940.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Amazing Mystery Funnies v2 #11, v3 #1, 20-22, 24
  • Wham Comics #1

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