Jonathan Kent, Counterspy

Real Name

Jonathan Kent

First Appearance

Spy and Counterspy #1 (August-September, 1949)

Original Publisher

American Comics Group

Created by

Charles Sultan and Richard E. Hughes?


As a boy, Jonathan accompanied his father, an engineer, to a communist nation, where he saw great suffering and injustice. Jonathan Kent later became a fighter pilot with a record of valor accumulated during World War II, but was amazed that Russian soldeirs did not seem to think anything of the Nazi concentration camps which had chilled him to the bone. He went to Washington DC in 1946, hoping to become a spy in the service of the United States to fight in the growing Cold War. He spent two years in intensive training at a spy school in Washington. He was then sent on missions throughout the world to battle communist spies and other threats to American interests. On his missions, he frequently became acquainted with new lady friends.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Spy and Counterspy #1-2
  • Spy-Hunters #3-13


Superman's adoptive father, Pa Kent, was not named Jonathan until Adventure Comics #149 in February, 1950.

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