Real Name

Justin Wright

First Appearance

Doll Man #1 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

George Brenner (as Wayne Reid)


An orphan who had been shuffled from one relative to the next while growing up, Justin Wright was a lumberjack who, on his 26th birthday, received a telegram from the law offices of Cronin, Fox, and DiPreta inviting him to come in. Upon doing so, Mr. Cronin revealed that Justin's parents had been murdered when he was an infant and that he was now able to claim an inheritance. Angry that crime had robbed him of knowing his parents, he vowed to "stamp out crime in an unending war against all that is evil... in the name of justice."


His costume consisted of a suit and his mother's scarf he wore as a mask. He also left a trademark note for the police bearing his signal: the scales of justice.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Doll Man #1


  • Cronin, Fox, and DiPreta were Quiality Comics' staff employees at the time.

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