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Real Name


First Appearance

She (1887)

Original Publisher


Created by

H. Rider Haggard

Golden Age Origin

Kôr is a lost city, built by a civilization that predates the ancient Egyptians. It is hidden on the west coast of Africa in the crater of a volcano, one mile deep and seven miles across. It is inhabited by the Amahagger, and ruled by She Who Must Be Obeyed. They live in the caves and the ruins of the ancient city. Under Kôr is a dormant vaolcano and a vast network of caves that lead to the Pillar of Flame, which bestows immortality.


Literary Appearances

  • She (1887)
  • Ayesha (1905)
  • She and Allan (1921)
  • Wisdom's Daughter (1923)

Golden Age Appearances

  • Stories by Famous Authors #3 (Seaboard Publishing/Famous Authors Illustrated)

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