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K-Bar Kate

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K-Bar Kate

Real Name

Kate Slocum

First Appearance

Western Crime Busters #1 (September, 1950)

Original Publisher


Created by

Rex Maxon [as R. Hayden]

Golden Age Origin

Kbar kate

Kate was the daughter of Mr. Slocum, who owned the K-Bar Ranch. She lived in the 20th century and had gone to school in New York, but returned to the ranching lifestyle. At the ranch she had a number of adventures, usually involving local criminals. Kate had a best friend named Jane Drake and her boyfriend was Deputy Don Howell.

Kate sometimes carried a revolver on her hip, and she was a crack shot with it. She was tenacious, a resourceful fighter and a skilled rider.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Western Crime Busters #1-8

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