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Ka-Zhan, the evil wizard

Real Name


First Appearance

The Happy Houlihans #1 (1947)

Original Publisher

E.C. Comics

Created by

Max Gaines, Gardner Fox, & Sheldon Moldoff

Golden Age Origin

Kha-Zan is the name of two apparently unrelated characters in E.C.'s Moon Girl comics.

The first Ka-Zhan is mentioned briefly in Moon Girl's origin. Said to have been a powerful wizard of a country neighboring Moon Mountain, somewhere "far east of Samarkand", he held the Moonstone before being slain by an ancestor of Moon Girl. The wizard himself, however, was never shown.

The second Ka-Zhan is a vizier for the queen of Moon Mountain. He attempts to take the throne from Moon Girl's mother by claiming her sacrifice will appease a volcanic eruption, thus saving Moon Mountain and asserting power. He dies fighting Moon Girl by falling of the edge of said volcano.

While the volcanic menace is not  caused by him , he does display at least the power of hypnotism.

Golden Age Appearances

  • The Happy Houlihans #1
  • Animal Fables #7
  • Moon Girl and the Prince #1
  • Moon Girl #3

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