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The Kalpan System

Real Name

The Kalpan System

First Appearance

Don Fortune Magazine #1 (September, 1946)

Original Publisher

Don Fortune Publishing

Created by

C. C. Beck

Golden Age Origin

The Kalpan System is a system of 7 planets that revolve around the twin suns of Argo and Philee. The planets are inhabited by technologically advanced and mostly peaceful humanoids who have long been capable of interplanetary travel. The system is far from Earth, but was visited by astronaut Larry Breck, who became a permanent resident.

The planets include:

Kala: The capital planet, which has a natural atmosphere too thin for a human to survive in for more than a few hours. Because of this, the atmosphere is regulated by a pressure station. Kala is home to the ruling monarch of the system, and its prime minister. Notable citizens of Kala:

  • King Deltar
  • Queen Delecta: Deltar's daughter.
  • Prime Minister Campestral
  • Telepan: Chief Scientist. Invented a mind scanner and a force field that protects the planet Kala.
  • Nantar: A youngster who works as Telepan's laboratory assistant.

Kalpo: A planet that is neutral in the struglle between Kala and Myro. Notable citizens of Kalpo:

  • Prince Charmande: Former Governor of planet Kalpo.
  • Napelet: Telepan's identical twin brother, and Kalpo's chief scientist.
  • Aggar: Charmande's head of security.

Myro: The rogue planet. It's people disdain the rule of the planet Kala. Notable citizens or Myro:

  • Ardora: King Deltar's murderous half-sister.
  • Prince Umbro: Ardora's ward.
  • Lawrence Breck: An astronaut from Ohio who crash landed on Myro and was later appointed governor after the death of Ardora and Umbro.

Golden Age Appearances

Don Fortune Magazine #1-6

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