Karragon with captured Joan Vail

Real Name


First Appearance

Thrilling Wonder Stories (September 1940)

Original Publisher

Better Publications Inc.

Created by

Frederick Arnold Kummer, Jr.


Karragon started as a mechanic on Mars, where he encourages Terrestrial prejudice toward the Rihns. The Rhins are a peaceful people descended from the aboriginal Martians and the first terrestrials from Earth to settle on Mars.

The Rhins lived in harmony with the pure-blooded humans until Karragon realized his ability to manipulate the people. Using his oratory skills, Karragon becomes dictator of Mars. His followers are called Thelists. He encourages the Terrestrials to hatred against the Rhins and makes unjust laws against them.

As Karragon gives a speech, Greg Zhor intends to use a ray projector to assassinate the tyrant from a nearby rooftop. During the attempt, Tarragon Storm Guards arrests Zhor and Zhor's lover, Joan Vail. They are placed in forced labor situations. Zhor in a radium mine on the moon Phobus. Vail is put to work in a mill.

Powers and Abilities

Karragon's primary ability is to manipulate others with his words and intimidation tactics. He was a mechanic, and he is skilled with machines.

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