Kayo Ward

Real Name

Edward "Eddie" Ward

First Appearance

Pep Comics #1 (January, 1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Phil Sturm & Bob Wood

Golden Age Origin

Eddie Ward was known for his Herculean strength and nearly superhuman stamina when he worked in a steel mill in New York. He was also known for his good nature and heroic inclinations. While walking home from work with his girlfriend, Connie Hodges, Eddie saw a man being attacked by a group of thugs. After battling the thugs, the man that Eddie had saved revealed that he was actually Lewis Black, a well respected fight manager. Lew, seeing how well the kid fought, offered to train Kayo and make a champion fighter out of him. Eddie accepted the offer, with hopes of winning enough prize money to marry Connie.

It was not long before he was a major contender in the ring, with a long streak of quick knockouts. After loosing a title bout to Joe Louis while injured, he took some time off and was coaxed into becoming the star of the Hollywood production, "Hot Lips and Hot Fists" by German movie star Rupy LeVez. When he spurrned the affections of Rupy, his co-star, she attempted to get her revenge by ruining his boxing career. Eddie and Connie, disgusted with Hollywood, returned to New York so that Kayo could continue his quest for the title.

Soon after, Kayo became the World Heavyweight Champion and was engaged to Connie. Sitting at the high point of his life and career, a house fire seriously scarred Kayo's face, and he left his friends and became a penniless wanderer. Most everyone believed him to be dead and Lew convinced Connie to get engaged to another man. However, a plastic surgeon named Dr. Graves repaired the damage to Kayo's face, and the doctor's daughter Martha, contacted Connie. Reunited with Connie, Kayo once again became engaged to her, and Connie, who had always disliked boxing, became determined that she would support Kayo until he became World Champion once more. Eventually, Kayo managed to reclaim his title. However, he continued to have fights and adventures outside the ring as well.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Pep Comics #1-28

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