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King Frio

Real Name

Rolf Mansted

First Appearance

Reg'lar Fellers Heroic Comics #13 (July, 1942)

Original Publisher

Eastern Color

Created by

Ben Thompson

Golden Age Origin

Rolf Mansted was a brilliant scientist and explorer who disappeared during an arctic expedition. In fact, he had actually built himself a headquarters in Northern Alaska, from which he planned to destroy civilization, by causing the Earth to experience a new ice age. By the time he was discovered by Hydroman, he was living in an expansive heated palace that he called Pola Castle, which was hidden beneathe a mountain of ice and snow. He had already succeded in causing the arctic glaciers to extend into previously wooded areas of Alaska. Hydro-Man eventually managed to stop King Frio, but not before the King froze him solid.

King Frio was a master of freezing technology, capable of freezing a man solid almost instantly, or turning them into one of his loyal Ice Zombies. By the time he met Hydro-Man, King Frio already led a small army of Ice Zombies created from local Inuits, which obeyed his every whim.

Golden Age Appearances

Reg'lar Fellers Heroic Comics #13-14

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