King Fury

Real Name

King Fury

First Appearance

Active Comics #13 (September, 1943)

Original Publisher

Commercial Signs of Canada/Bell Features

Created By

Kurly Lipas


King Fury was an ordinary man until he convinced his friend Dr. John Tone to test his newly invented "strength tube" on him. The resulting bombardment of "strength rays" caused King's skin to turn a "Bronze-like color" and endow him with superhuman strength.

King then offered his services to the various Allied Governments and used his newfound power to thwart several Axis plots (including a hidden Japanese air base targeting the Alaskan Highway and the construction of a Nazi robot army using designs stolen from Dr. Tone).

Powers and Abilities

King Fury was a naturally talented fighter whose physical prowess was then enhanced to super human levels after being exposed to Dr. Tone's "strength rays."

Golden Age Appearances

  • Active Comics #13-17


  • Although the "King Fury" strip managed to get the cover spot one time during its short run (Active Comics #15), King Fury himself did not. Instead, the cover featured that issue's Robot nemesis and a damsel in distress.

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