Kit Carson
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Real Name

Christopher Houston "Kit" Carson


December 24, 1809


May 23, 1868

Historical Background

Kit is one of the most well known and respected frontiersmen in American history. Originally from Missouri, Carson set out on a number of important expeditions across the untamed Western United States. He made an effort to help a number of Native American tribes and was married to at least two Native American women. However, he also fought battles against native tribes and participated in the Mexican-American War.

Public Domain Comic Appearances

  • Real Life Comics #45
  • The Comics #10
  • Lightning Comics vol. 2 #1
  • True Comics #4
  • Real Heroes #12
  • Tex Granger #18
  • Fight Comics #57
  • Western Killers #62
  • Cowboy Western Comics #21
  • Kit Carson #1-8
  • Kit Carson and The Blackfeet Warriors
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  • Sunset Carson #1
  • Indian Fighter #5
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  • Blazing Six Guns #1
  • Buster Crabbe Comics #12
  • Captain Flash #3
  • Rocky Lane Western #63
  • Cowboy Western #54
  • Death Valley #8
  • Six-Gun Heroes #44

Public Domain Literary Appearances

At least 25 titles were recorded, from Kit Carson, Prince of the Gold Hunters (1849) through Kit Carson, King of Scouts (1923).

Public domain movie appearance

Kit Carson, by Evelyn Wells and George Bruce, dir. George B. Seitz, prod. Edward Small, United Artists, 1940. In the public domain from failure to renew copyright.

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