Kit West

Real Name

Kit West

First Appearance

Cow Puncher Comics #1 (January, 1947)

Original Publisher


Created by

Gus Schrotter?


Kit West was a famous scout on the old western frontier of America. Kit had Native American friends and on at least one occassion fought to prevent white men from being cruel to Native American prisoners. The nature of her relationship with Native Americans varried from tribe to tribe.

At one point, Kit claimed that her parents, along with her younger siblings, Sue and Bobby, had been brutally murdered by a madman named Broken-Face, while they were living on the frontier in a log cabin. She calimed that she had only escaped with the aid of a compassionate Indian girl, who died helping her. However, there was some indication that her parents were still alive and the story had not been entirely true, but used to persuade frontier men to have compassion.

Kit was an excellent horse rider and knew much about the land and the cultures of the native people. She was good with her fists and often carried a rifle.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Cow Puncher Comics (1947 series) #1, 3-7
  • White Chief of the Pawnee Indians
  • Wild Bill Hickok #2, 18, 20
  • Black Hawk -- Tomahawk Indian War
  • Chief Victorio's Apache Massacre
  • Geronimo #2-3
  • Jesse James #20