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Kongzilla after his climactic fight with a DNAosaur.

First Appearance


Created by

Jonathan P. Nolan


Kongzilla is a blue-skinned brown-furred gigantic mutant ape on the Island of the Apes in the geomagnetic vortex or Window Area better known as the Bermuda Triangle or Devil's Triangle.

After the mysterious Great Cataclysm, apes arrived on the island, already undergoing a process of cellular mutation due to the forces the Great Cataclysm unleashed. Whilst most of the apes underwent standard and predictable changes, the ape that was to become Kongzilla developed giantism, blue skin, yellow horns on forehead and cheekbones, glowing fiery eyes and prodigious strength and cellular regeneration.


Kongzilla about to communicate forcefully with Elder Kassius


Kongzilla possesses sufficient strength to demolish a hillside, easily lift or push 1,000 tons, and can wrestle dinosaurs and giant serpents to a standstill. Kongzilla possesses a mutant healing factor enabling regeneration from acid, fire, puncture, crushing, ageing and irradiation, although further irradiation of Kongzilla has unpredictable results in terms of further physical changes to his physical form.


Kongzilla was "fed... unclean flesh and strange fruits" by the Elders of the Apes to drug him into sleeping, apparently for years, until Kassius of the Elders awoke him to find and destroy the talking humans who were the nemesis of the apes. In the process Kongzilla ran amok, killing the Elder before hunting the humans.

Permitted Use

The creator of Kongzilla, Jonathan Nolan, has permitted anyone to use Kongzilla freely and has released the character into the public domain, with the only stipulation on use being that the character's appearance be substantially unchanged unless explained to be the result of "further mutation", and that any use be accompanied by a small but readable note saying "Kongzilla created by Jonathan P. Nolan".

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