Real Name


First Appearance

Space Western #40 (1952)

Original Publisher

Charlton Comics, Inc.

Created by

Walter Gibson and John Belfi


Korok leads a force of Martian invaders to land on the Bar-Z ranch in Arizona, owned by Spur Jackson. Korok takes Spur back with him, along with his ranch hands, Strong Bow and Hank Roper.

When they arrive at the palace on Mars, Korok introduces Spurs to Queen Thula in the throne room. The queen instantly abdicates the throne to Korok.

Walking with Thula, Spurs discovers Korok had claimed to conquer Earth, showing Thula Spurs as evidence. Spurs tells Thula Korok is lying, and only took the three of them on a flying saucer ride. He vows to recover the throne. Hank Roper shows up, overhearing the conversation. Hank storms the palace with his six-guns, but the guard tells him the palace is protected from metal projectile by an invisible electronic curtain.This eliminates the usage of Spurs' plutonium guns as well.

Strong Bow appears with his flint-tipped, wooden-shaft arrow and shoots the guard. Spurs storms the palace while Hank restrains another guard with his lasso. Spurs confronts the guard at the throne room door. The guard tells Spurs he is protected by a one-way shield, leaving Spurs vulnerable and helpless. Strong Bow uses his bow to disarm the guard.


Korok nabs Queen Thula

Spurs enters the throne room and challenges Korok's title to the throne. Korok tells Spurs to meet him unarmed. Spurs discards his weapon, the response from Korok to the action is to use his own gun. Spurs disarms him by using his bull-whip to wrap around the Martian's arms. Strong Bow and Hank arrive to mop up the other guards with a bow and a whip, respectively.

Korok is deposed. Queen Thula is restored to her throne. Grateful, she makes Spurs her Prime Minister, inviting him to sit next to her.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Western #40, #44

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